As part of the Eir Data Base project, a technology for collecting ethnic data on the health of the 18+> society was developed, which is to initiate the construction of a coherent reporting system.

Eir Data Base is to combine both the results of subjective tests with the ICD-10 classification to easily and precisely define specific target groups of patients, as well as their level of knowledge, educational needs, preventive measures and forms of action tailored to the targeted age groups.

Educational Program Monitor

• comprehensive project management, including training of researchers in the use of systems

• taking care of the substantive side of research, including designing them in cooperation with Key Opinion Leaders

• taking over formal and legal issues of research, including reporting to Bioethics Committees and other units

• integration with laboratories

• supervision over the course of the study

• assistance at the closure stage of the study, including the preparation of a report and scientific publications

• statistical service

Patient and disease registries

Medical registers, the purpose of which is to improve and support the most beneficial therapeutic practices for patients, to monitor side effects during therapy and to improve the quality of pro-health policy in Poland in a broad sense.

The value of data collected by medical registers can be used for the development of innovations in medicine, the introduction of new methods of therapy, protection and prevention of disease in potentially endangered environments, and epidemiological observations.

Research and education programs

Electronic platform of public services in the field of health care, which enables the collection, analysis and sharing of digital resources on medical events.

The knowledge of our consultants is not theoretical, but has a practical dimension. For years, we have been carrying out training in the field of medicine, including surgical techniques, which help our clients learn about the latest trends in the field of science.

Properly conducted research programs are addressed to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. By using statistical analysis tools, researchers are able to recognize the market well and the way of thinking of future and current patients and clients, which allows us to better profile our activities to their needs.

ECO programs

The program aims to promote health prophylaxis and an active lifestyle among the inhabitants of Lesser Poland, Lower Silesia, Silesia and Holy Cross Voivodeships as well as modernization of hospital infrastructure / social welfare Home based on renewable energy sources, workplace ecology, as well as elimination of harmful factors from the hospital environment / social welfare Home

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